Global Trading


Knowing how to balance between cost of information and professional performance brings total cost reduction. Skilled labor guarantees additional values in the process of interaction.

– Connecting the dots

Global trading solutions

Global trading solutions means full spectrum of services in international turnover – export & import management in worldwide spectrum contains handling all operations from A to Z. Fortraco takes global trade management comprehensively. Our international footprint enables us to offer solutions that are tailored to our clients’ individual operations needs.

Outsourcing is promoted as one of the most powerful trends in modern management. Strategic outsourcing as a main type of such a partners hip helps firms to align their competitiveness priorities, to focus management attention on long-term growth and innovation opportunities, and to target resources to those tasks firms do best.

Foreign markets entry

Foreign market entry is a first step to clarify which markets a freshmen player should turn to successfully start its global games. This service mainly consist of business and market due-diligence and analysis. Having a clear picture of international situation can save lots of financial and time-consuming efforts to enter foreign markets.

Management and organization

Management and organization means selected process outsourcing points from front office, to backup lobbying – Fortraco can bring you selected services which includes customer-related activities whether it is consumer, business client, or official institution.

1. Information sourcing

 2. Customer services

• contact center services such as front office representation

• public relation

3. Borderless selling

4. Legal and financial Advisory

5. Marketing and branding

6. Logistics and customs

Borderless selling in another words means an international distribution – inside market selling services for foreign companies outside the country of origin. Through modern methods we eliminate hindrance in international trade as tariff barriers, currency restrictions, and import quotas. Major elements are:

Offshore project management

Business development

Onshore service delivery

Account management

Consultative sales





Market survey – sourcing strategic information

Foreign markets entry – coordinating legal, financial, and logistic processes

Global marketing management Market maintenance – marketing, PR, business process modification and outsourcing Selected

Business Process Outsourcing

Market research

Offshoring Research is related with reliable database of regional market structures and their transition to globalization and administrative services. Our offshore research services conducts surveys tracking global sourcing strategies, drivers, practical implementations and plans across all business functions and processes in international trade and investments. It is the process of sourcing supportive home-based and global operators on foreign markets through external service providers (offshore outsourcing).

Management and organization

Company that connects global points of interest. Be in right place in right time. Be in the center of actions to be updated and render minimal risk. Connect with the right people.  

Business process optimization

Business process optimization based on outsourcing has proved its positive impact on the organizational performance and competitiveness enforcement in the companies within the region.

Fortraco is based around the world with its bureaus in East Asia, Central Europe and North America. The Company is cooperating with number of partners with proven success record. Experts associated with Fortraco cooperate with leading corporations.

Our M&O Services

Assessing existing supply chain and compliance operations, measuring data against industry best practices.

Focusing processes to worldwide improved performance, data management, risk mitigation and process standardization.

Lowering costs, shortening order fulfillment cycle, increasing compliance and profitability by improving overall cycle times and ensuring smoother international turnover flow.

Developing model process standards and administration structures to as documentation, audit plans, performance metrics and detailed reporting to allow accurate business decision making.

Foreign Investments


• Green-field

• M&A