Conducting business on a global scale requires a well-thought out strategy that is dynamic and capable of managing risk and the diverse challenges of international trade. Companies that want to take their offer beyond the domestic market are faced with the struggle of making the right sourcing decisions, being proactive to changes in the global environment, linking trade compliance with business needs, leveraging free trade agreements, minimizing duty and delays to stay ahead of the competition.

Despite all of the challenges involved with maintaining in-house resources, changing compliance environment and sustaining efficient operations, businesses that gain definite knowledge and successfully implement their global market strategy record pronounced operational and cash flow benefits.

Fortraco International is a globally located business network providing services in most critical trade activities at a worldwide as well as regional level. Having local partners on five continents around the globe, Fortraco ensures comprehensive support of international trade and investment actions, whether managing Asian in-transit, meeting complex licensing requirements of the European Union, seeking reliable business partners in Africa, or fulfilling demands of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Fortraco focuses on all aspects of international trade so that our clients can focus on driving their core competencies to grow the business.

Comprehensive services international trade include:




Successful sales on international markets is impacted by information-related management. Fortraco requires advanced analytical skills, adequate abilities and forces, as well as a highly expertise knowledge to achieve scheduled goals. Reason behind that approach stands in globally increasing specialization in selected fields of knowledge and expertise outsourced globally. It is an integral part of company’s value chain.

Our team is focused on building and developing strong business partnerships and international commercial relations between global producers and enterprises enlightened with local business environment.

We are independent experts, managers and entrepreneurs dedicated to specialized processes that together form the puzzle of global turnover. Our team members have proven records of successful business stories on foreign markets dealing especially with global distribution of FMCG, foreign technology transfers and direct investments, global marketing and branding strategies, cross-border logistics, as well as legal and customs processes, international finance and banking.